Best Cleaning Materials for Your Golf Balls

No golfer would like to play with a dirty golf ball.  And, I know the same is true with you. As much as golf balls can make you a star on the course, the dirty ball can make you frustrated, rendering all your pro skills meaningless.

For instance, a dirty golf ball can drastically affect your shots, preventing you from hitting farther distances. It can also affect your accuracy and control. Aside from that, dirty golf balls can affect your ball spin and visibility level. 

Suppose the dangers are not enough to motivate you to take proper maintenance of your golf ball. How about the numerous benefits that come with playing clean new-looking golf balls. learn more about Golf balls at

Honestly, there is no limit to the satisfaction you can get from playing a cleaned golf ball. Distance, control, accuracy, spin, and more cannot get better if the ball is in the proper condition on the tee. 

Looking at the involvement of the golf ball in every round and how it flies around the course, you will agree with me that your golf ball needs extra care and maintenance.

Meanwhile, golfers always give excuses that they don’t know how to clean their golf balls to keep them clean. Well, that shouldn’t be a problem. I have compiled a list of cleaning materials you will need in your golf ball cleaning procedure.

Let’s go ahead and unveil the list.

1. Dishwashing soap

This liquid soap is one of the most common materials used in cleaning golf balls. And it is not scary; you will find it in almost every household. Dishwashing soap is straightforward and affordable to operate. 

Meanwhile, you need to note that only liquid dishwashing soap can give you the best cleaning result. To use clean your golf ball with liquid dishwashing soap, pour some water in a clean bowl. Add a few drops of the liquid soap and mix softly. Feel free to immerse your golf balls into the solution and wash gently. 

Though some top-quality golf balls are water-resistant yet, it is best to remove the golf balls immediately after wash. 

2. White Vinegar

White Vinegar is another cleaning material that can help clean your golf ball perfectly. Though many people try to avoid this cleaning agent because of its acidic content, it is perfect for cleaning golf balls. 

White Vinegar is entirely harmless for golf balls. Besides, it contains some chemicals that work perfectly in removing stains and hidden dirt on the surface of the golf ball. It is also harmless to human skin. That means you can it would not pose any harm if it comes in contact with your body. White Vinegar is also environment-friendly, and it is very affordable.

3. Bleach 

This particular cleaning material is very effective for a moderate level of cleaning. It can also be helpful for deep cleaning. Most times, when the dirt becomes unbearable, what you need is a cleaning agent that that can turn your dirty, stained golf ball into a whiter and shiner one. When you find yourself in this condition, bleach is your best choice.

Bleach contains a chemical that can fight every hidden dirt on the outer part of your golf ball. As a result, it can be beneficial for cleaning stubborn dirt from your golf ball. 

However, you have to ensure that this cleaning agent does not stay too long on your golf ball to avoid damage.

4. Acetone

Acetone is among the best cleaning materials for golf balls. It doesn’t cause an adverse reaction on the outer part of golf balls, and it cleans deeply to the root. One of the reasons why most golfers prefer this cleaning agent is because it easily removes deep stains and brings out the original color of the ball. 

Some cleaning agents clean perfectly, but after a while, you will discover that the initial color of your golf ball begins to fade. That is why Acetone ranks in the market as one of the best cleaning agents for golf balls. 

You don’t have to add too much of the cleaning agent into the water. Add a few drops to get a perfect clean. Cotton balls can be your best helping hand in the cleaning process.

5. Household Ammonia 

This cleaning agent is also much available in the market. As the name suggests, you can find it in almost every household. You can use it for cleaning household items such as tables, chairs, shelves, and some parts of the building like walls and floors. As much as it does all that, you can use it to clean your golf balls perfectly. 

One of the highest points of this cleaning agent is that it is suitable for different golf ball surfaces. It obliterates stains without harming the outer part of the golf ball. Also, you can get it at a very affordable price, and it can last you for months, depending on how frequently you use it.

6. Soft-bristle brush

This brush is a standard tool for removing stubborn dirt on the outer part of your golf ball. As the name suggests, this brush provides a soft wipe on golf balls and can touch the innermost corner to remove every dirt on the golf ball.

If this brush affects your golf ball in any way (which is unusual), you can go for a  nylon scrubber as a replacement. 

7. Washing container 

This container allows you to wash your golf balls thoroughly under heavy pressure. With this container, you can soak your stained golf balls for some minutes and use both hands to clean every part of the ball. 

Have you ever imagined how it can be possible to use all the cleaning agents we discussed above without a washing container? That’s what makes this cleaning material essential in the cleaning process.

Best Cleaning Materials for Your Golf Balls

8. Soft towels

After you have soaked and washed your golf balls, the following line of action is to dry. And that is where this cleaning material comes to play. 


It is very cheap to maintain those expensive golf balls. All you need to do is find any of the above cleaning materials to get things done. They can help you transform your dirty golf balls into bright, shining golf equipment that can make you a hero on the course.