How to choose the right miter saw

A miter saw is a very important tool that is needed by woodworker to make various cuts, especially when cutting frames and windows. A good miter saw should be capable of making various types of angle cuts. Buying the right can be a hard task. A comprehensive buying guide can help you in making the right decision.

Buying the best miter saw

Is miter saw important to you?

Understanding the use of a miter saw is very important because this will help you know if you need to buy or not. Miter saws are mainly useful when making joints for picture frames, windows, furniture, and even decks.

Apart from making precise angle cuts, miter saws can also be used to cut a piece of wood into small pieces.

What to look for in a good miter saw

Blade size

Miter saw blade sizes mostly are either 10 or 12 inches. Deciding which one to buy depends on your needs. You should buy a 10-inch blade unless you have a frequent need for a 12-inch blade miter saw.

Another importance of buying a 10-inch blade is that the cost of sharpening the blade is cheap because it has few teeth. You can read a comparison of dws779 vs dws780 miter saws, they have different blade sizes.

Laser guide

Modern miter saws come equipped with laser guide. However, you can also purchase the laser separately if the saw does not have. The laser guide is very important especially if you want to make accurate cuts. It guides you by shining a bright beam onto your workpiece making it easy to guide your blade along with the light.

Laser guide reduces the risk of making errors and it is a safe way of using a miter saw. It is important to note that you cannot operate a miter saw with a laser under bright light.

Sliding or compound miter saw

Sliding miter saw allows the blade to move forward and backward along the rails. They are capable of cutting materials that compound miter saws are not capable of cutting.

Compound miter saws are suitable if you want to make angle cuts of two planes like a picture frame. The difference between Sliding saws and compound saws is that sliding miter saws are capable of moving backward and forwards on the rails allowing the saw user to increase the length of cuts he/she makes.

Where can you buy a miter saw?

There are several sites where you can buy a miter saw, for example, HomeDepot, Walmart and Amazon. However, I recommend buying the saw on amazon. Their price range and service they offer are the best according to me.


Buying a miter saw is a daunting task that every woodworker need to be very cautious in order to make the right choice. Understanding what you need is the first step in determining the right miter saw for you.