Golf Cart Bags Clearance: Top Brands of Golf Bags

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What is a Golf Cart Bag?

A cart bag is a golf bag that is specifically constructed to be carried by a golf push cart or a riding cart. If you’re planning to walk on the course carrying your golf bag, this is not the best golf bag for you. Anyone riding on a cart or pushing a cart, this is the best choice for you.

The golf bag weighs around 7 pounds. The cart bag is designed to provide easy access to all the pockets whilst it remains strapped on the back of the cart. It has a non-slip or rubber base that will ensure that the bag doesn’t slip off the cart.

Buyer’s Guide: Common Features of Cart Golf Bags

Club Dividers and Forward Facing Pockets

The club dividers are necessary to keep your golf clubs from smashing into each other. The dividers are helpful when you’re arranging the clubs. Also, it makes it easy for a person to pick the right club to save time while playing. A good golf cart bag should have about 14 full-length dividers.

Pockets are also essential and have several pockets on the front or the side of the golf bag will ensure that your bag is well organized. The pockets should assist you to keep your items such as sunglasses, phone, golf balls, snacks, etc. The cart golf bag should be well placed to enable you to access the pockets even when the bag is on the cart. Also, a top golfbag should have a cooler to help your drink stay cool during your round.